Hotels for sale in Egypt

Hotels for sale in Egypt

There are a number of resorts for sale in Red Sea Coast, and many people moving here wish to invest in these types of projects. However, resorts have become increasingly expensive over the last few years, and many investors are now finding these projects are inaccessible to them.

With our local contacts and knowledge, we are able to advise on purchasing existing resorts. In addition to this, we can put in place a resort development scheme that allows you to buy land and build your own holiday resort.

Our experienced project management and financial advisory team are always delighted to discuss either purchase or development projects.

How to buy a hotel in Egypt from our company?

Step 1# sends us your specifications for a hotel that you need . 

Step 2# sends us your real budget that you want to invest it buying hotel in Egypt .

Step 3# sends us your company details and bank statement that shown your real budget & the ability for buying hotel  . 

Step 4#  we collect small fees to start work finishing your deal with our lowers , banks and seller.