Real Estate In Egypt New Capital 2024

Real Estate In Egypt New Capital 2024

Every successful person sooner or later thinks about whether it is possible to increase their capital, or at least save their savings from inflation. There are many ways to acquire a fortune and become successful.

INVESTMENT in real estate on the Red Sea is considered profitable and safe earnings.
BUY an apartment in a resort town, and you can get a long period of time income from renting out, while simultaneously engaged in other activities.
Purchasing real estate is also a great way to save capital during inflation.
The need for housing will always be one of the most important for a person.
Therefore, you can invest in real estate at the stage of building a house.
Or another option is to buy an apartment on the secondary real estate market.
Every investor cares about saving their money.
When buying real estate, especially abroad, it is worth studying this market in detail, knowing all the pitfalls of investment.

Our company will help you understand all the nuances and arrange all the necessary papers!

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Why Invest In Egypt?

Property investors today seek emerging markets such as Egypt for a stable investment with good growth rates. Learn below why Egypt property offers such great potential.

Today, investors seek the stability and simplicity of the property market to gain good returns on investment. Under-performing stock markets are often proving more volatile than property and this is especially true for the non-professional as there are many external factors that can effect your financial investment. Did you know that 50% of the members of The Times Rich List made their money through investing in property?

The benefit of buying specifically for investment purposes is the removal of emotion from your purchase while property is used purely as an investment vehicle. Investment property in Egypt offers many possibilities in the form of re-assignable off-plan contract options to sell at a substantial profit prior to completion, or "buy-to-let" situations to generate reliable rental income and eventually substantial capital appreciation.

Main Reasons Why Egypt is a Desirable Investment Location:

Low property prices starting at around only £30k

Steady year-on-year capital appreciation of between 20-30%

Beautiful, well established tourist hotpots suitable for varied tourist interests, from excellent diving and snorkeling to cultural and historical locations

Stunning natural, un spoilt landscapes

Steady annual growth in tourist figures

Less property taxes than paid in the UK

No capital gains tax

British residents avoid inheritance tax on any property in Egypt or Real Estate In Egypt

Foreign investors are regarded by the government as a big investment opportunity and laws have recently streamlined procedures, making the purchase procedure easy.

Strong economic growth and increased investment in infrastructure are boosting the property investment market as a whole.

Warm desert climate with temperatures ranging from 14°C in winter to 30°C in summer creating a year-round tourist season

Politically stable country

Increased inward investment, creating a rich investment climate.

Well renowned developers are creating luxury resorts to cater for Egypt’s new influx of international tourists

Easy air access from many European destinations makes Egypt an ever popular medium haul holiday location

Cairo International airport is being modernized and a new terminal is to be built by early 2007

Low cost of living and maintenance costs

English is widely spoken, after Arabic

Real Estate In Egypt New Capital 2024


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